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~ Welcome! ~
Welcome to the website for The Lakes & Fairways at Prairie Crossing HOA.
All homeowners, are encouraged to register with the website.  Registration will enable access to members only areas including: board meeting minutes, financial reports, Architectural request forms  and newsletters. 
The Covenants document includes information regarding architectural guidelines.
Send questions via the contact us page.

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No Events at this time.

~ News Articles ~
Upcoming Project AT&T Fiber Optic
Posted on Jun 7th, 2022
Dear Homeowners:
The HOA has been recently made aware of a project affecting your utility easement in the front yard.  Always Under Construction is the project head for AT&T Fire Optic Cable Project, which they will start boring tentatively scheduled for Monday 6/13. Their schedule completion date is 7/22. Approximately 45% of this project is in Prairie Crossing. Boring crews will be starting in Prairie Crossing. Below lists the details from Jason Dougherty, Project Manager of Always Underground Inc.
Locate crews will be out placing flags and marking with paint prior to boring within the next week or 2.
During the boring and fiber placement our crews will be using directional boring equipment in the ROW and utility easements to place conduit, handholes, and 'flower pots'. This of course involves digging for these items, as well as 'pothole' digs to spot utility locates. 
Our crews our directed to use mats under equipment tracks so as to not disturb lawns any more than necessary.
All utility locate digs are to be filled back in and spoil piles removed. Any open digs for handholes or flower pots are to be fenced of with T-posts and snow fence, and covered.
Within a few weeks at the latest, depending on weather and ground conditions, our subcontracted landscape/restoration crew will complete full restoration of all areas which includes final grading, topsoil, grass seed, and straw matting.
We aim to conduct our work as quickly, efficiently, and cleanly as possible. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jason Dougherty at 219-225-5136 or
The HOA is not involved in this project, so any issues would need to be brought to Jason's attention.
Thank you,
Kim Boyd, Agent
Lakes & Fairways HOA
Water Temperature & Aquatic Chemicals
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022
Information regarding pond treatment and water temperature.
Color Pallet
Posted on May 10th, 2021
The Board of Directors has agreed to the following color palette for your community. Any exterior changes must be approved before it is painted per the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. If you plan to paint any part of the exterior of your home, you must complete an Improvement Request Form, which is found by clicking the Architectural Request tab, and include a sample (or link) to the color you have chosen. You may repair the exterior to its original color, or to one of the following colors listed in the Color Pallet section of the website (underneath Architectural Request). Ardsley Management, the managing agent for the HOA, will continue to conduct routine inspections of the community and notify homeowners that are not in compliance with the community color palette. Go to and use the color code and name to see the color.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kim Boyd at Ardsley Management 
Posted on Jun 12th, 2019
With the weather warming up, you may notice solicitors who go door-to-door in neighborhoods. The City of Noblesville has an ordinance that regulates who can solicit and what they have to do. There are some exceptions to that rule, which are listed here. The Noblesville Police Department requires any "for profit" solicitor to obtain a permit with their photo in it, which they must have with them whenever they are soliciting. Here's an example. Some neighborhoods have "No Soliciting" signs at the entrance to their neighborhood. These signs are not listed in the city ordinance and are not enforceable by the Noblesville Police Department. If you want to keep solicitors from contacting you, the Noblesville Police Department recommends that you place a sign on or next to the front door.

~ Community Announcements ~
HOA Board Vacancies:
Would you like to be a part of the solution?
Would you like to be involved with  improving your community?
Do you care enough to become a member of the HOA Board of Directors?
If you are interested in becoming a Board member please complete the Volunteer Form and return it to Ardsley Management Please note: To serve on the Board you must be in good standing with both your dues and the Community Covenants and Restrictions.
Large Trash Items:
There has recently been a significant increase in the number of large items being left on the curb. You must contact the Republic Services at (317) 917-7300 to schedule the removal of these items. Republic charges $20.00 per item. If the HOA has to remove the items, the resident will be charged.